Job Opportunities

Web Developers/Software Developers

Java, Nginx, Play! Framework, Groovy, Freemarker, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, SQL, etc...

We are constantly looking for people with experience who can work from home or our Hastings office, are self motivated and can effectively manage their own time.

We cannot for love nor money find enough people who have experience, are skilled, who have passion and a creative flair - i.e. can think outside the square. If you are one of these people, contact us urgently as we have some exciting projects for you to sink your teeth into.

We have an international clientele and are used to working with programmers in different parts of the world - so location is no barrier.

Web Designer

Have a yearning to be recognised for your creative flair and skills in designing cool websites - then call us today.

We have many new clients signing up for a Woogloo solution every week, but never enough designers to meet our growing needs.

If you want to work from home, earn some extra cash and have fun doing it - call now!

Data Entry

Enjoy plugging data into an application for money - call us today.

Woogloo Evangelist/Sales Person

Every dreamt of selling the best product on the planet?

Well we have it and we are willing to pay you a retainer and healthy commission for selling it.

We need an experienced professional who wants to make it their life's work to get every business in New Zealand - or the World - to have a Woogloo website. If that is you call us NOW!


All employment enquiries should be directed to:



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You can also search our Knowledge Bank for more information and help with your Woogloo.


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