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Together, you, your Reseller and your Woogloo can make
your business beautiful

Beauty and brawn
The power to build stunning websites in hours not days

A new standard
Woogloo V3 UI designs set a new usability standard for websites.

Go Gadget Go
Smart, flexible and functional Gadgets - the secret behind Woogloo V3.

You are in control
There is nothing you cannot do - and it is easy and quick.

Switch on the NOS
Super fast page load speeds and fast to edit.

Beauty and brawn.

A Woogloo gives your Reseller a powerful creative suite of tools to enable them to rapidly design for you a stunning and individual website that makes your business stand out.

With a range of stunning structural design templates to choose from, your Reseller does not need to start from scratch, but can quickly build a cutting edge modern design for your website. This saves your Reseller time and saves you money. What is more, these designs give your website features that would be prohibitively expressive to build on any other platform.

Each and every little detail has been thought out to make your's and your Reseller's life easier. What were previously issues and traps for those tasked with editing a website's content have been dealt with by making simple to use smart Gadgets that do the hard work for you. For example, the Page Title Gadget automatically gets the name of the page and displays it for you - formatted to suit. Makes for better SEO as well.


A new standard

Your Woogloo V3 takes website User Interface (UI) designing to a whole new level. We call these designs Web 3.0 - because they deliver the next generation of websites. A revolution in web technology and design standards.

Traditionally website designs were created by print designers. Now websites and those designing them have 'gown up' and are now ready to be unshackled from being simple 'online print brochures'. Websites are, in fact, software applications. With all the power and scope that that implies. Why then should we constantly jump from page to page to get the information we need? Why not instead have our website serve up the information requested by the client right on the home page?

A Woogloo Version 3 website can easily do this - without requiring expensive reprogramming to make it work. Just drag on the appropriate Gadget and the rest is taken care of for you. So simple!


Go Gadget go

Smart, flexible and functional Gadgets are the building blocks of the Woogloo V3 system. They can simply be dragged onto a page to add both a design element and greater functionality.

Easy-to-add, easy-to-use and easy-to-customize. Every Gadget has a range of properties that you can quickly and easily change which will enable you to customize it to suit your individual requirements.

New Gadgets are being added all the time: some automatically being put into the range of Gadgets available in the core system and some being added by independent developers made available through the in-built WooStore. 

Your Woogloo is an ever growing system. Being lovingly added to and refined by the Woogloo team, but more than this, any developer can create new applications, Gadgets and templates and add them to the Woogloo system. This takes your Woogloo beyond being a simple website platform into a living and growing software environment.

You are in control

Editing your website's content is easy; adding unlimited pages is easy; adding new products is easy - in fact doing almost anything is quick and easy on a Woogloo. Most things are simply a right click, double click or drag of your mouse away - and if you understand what that means then you can edit your website.

Many web designers are scared of the power we give our clients. You can literally do anything your Reseller can on your Woogloo - including redesigning your whole website; or even reprogramming it! Now that's control.

Woogloo is credited with creating the first true browser based, database backend website Content Management System (CMS) back in 1998. Since then we have continued to innovate and in 2003 we released the first front-end Graphical User Interface (GUI) CMS system that enabled you to edit your website right on the page itself instead of in a back-end administration system. We called this system a WMSTM (or Website Management System) to reflect the power the website owner had over every aspect of the website - not just the content. Now with Woogloo V3 we have taken that level of control to the ultimate high - giving you power to reshape the very fabric of the software it sits on.

However, we didn't just want to give you unfettered control without making it even easier to use, so we made Woogloo V3 smart. We gave it the ability to reprogrammed itself, to understand what you want and try and anticipate your requirements. No, it cannot read your mind, and yes you will need to spend some time becoming familiar with your new Woogloo. But as you get to know it, you will find it is much smarter and more intuitive than you would expect. If you open your mind to understanding your Woogloo, it will pay massive dividends by helping you to automate and grow your entire business.

website ranking
Woogloo V3
Top CMS Systems

Switch on the NOS

Google has a Page Load Speed Ranking system that measures how well a page is optimised for fast loading. The chart on the left shows how Woogloo V3 compares to other systems (if you want more detailed information, please contact us).

Google's own page gets 96/100 (i.e. 96 out of a possible top score of 100). Other top CMS systems get around 80/100. Woogloo V3 gets 95/100 - now that's fast! This ensures your website will rank amongst the World's fasted loading websites.

However, as usual, Woogloo V3 takes fast to a new level by creating a revolutionary new system for rapidly editing your website. When a Gadget's properties are edited, Woogloo V3 only reloads that Gadget. This ensures only the least amount of data is being sent and received to and from the server. This makes editing everything quick and easy.


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